The BPVA is a quick analysis of your organization. In just 1 or 2 days potential process improvements are identified.
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News and Events

ForMetis made a large upgrade of the Nedasco Dossier System.
Read the testimonial of Arno, the "manager schade" at Nedasco.

Formetis - Steven van Kervel and co-authors published in 2016 three new research papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals and conferences.
The DEMO Engine™ coordinates processes. Efficiently and effectively. And 100% compliant.

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What is Enterprise Engineering?

Enterprise engineers build organization, like civil engineers build bridges and aircraft engineers build planes.

DEMO is the most advanced enterprise engineering method.
SlimDossier™ is an intelligent electronic dossier system. It has its own knowledge about its current state and what has to be done by whom for further processing. It takes independent initiatives when needed.
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BPVA Online

An online scan of your process. In 15 minutes of questions potential improvements are identified.
Completely free and available soon!