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ForMetis made a large upgrade of the Nedasco Dossier System.
Read the testimonial of Arno, the "manager schade" at Nedasco.

Formetis - Steven van Kervel and co-authors published in 2016 three new research papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals and conferences.
The DEMO Engineā„¢ executes DEMO models of your organization. Together it is the Enterprise Operating System. The enterprise operating system provides the bridge between the organization with all human actors and all IT systems.

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What is Enterprise Engineering?

Enterprise engineers build organization, like civil engineers build bridges and aircraft engineers build planes.

DEMO is the most advanced enterprise engineering method.
The 1-Day scan is a simple and convenient way to explore how your enterprise can be made "better", in terms of governance, risk, compliance, efficiency and effectiveness. After the first day you know where and how improvements can be made.
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